PACKAGING FOR WHOLESALE Personalized Pillow Boxes


Pillow boxes made to order can be used in a variety of ways. They are versatile and can be used to pack a variety of items. You could, for example, use it to package a gift. If you wish to give a cosmetics item to a loved one, you can do so in a pillow box. Furthermore, if you need to send huge products, you can use large pillow boxes. As a result, pillow boxes are utilized in large quantities nowadays. As a result, Packaging Bee offers a diverse range of pillow packaging to both clients and retailers. If you own a large company and require a large quantity of wholesale pillow boxes, you've come to the perfect place. We will make unique pillow boxes for you. 

personalized pillow boxes WITH OUTSTANDING DESIGNS 

Nowadays, design is highly important in the packaging of anything, even pillows. We have a group of talented designers on staff. They are experts in their chosen fields. As a result, you can request unique designs for your personalized pillow boxes. They are there to help you with your pillow pack design at any time. You can also customize your custom printed boxes to meet your specific needs. Simply describe your imagined unique pillow box concept. We'll put your brilliant idea into custom pillow boxes for you. You can choose any design from our archives if you don't have any ideas for bespoke cushion packaging. We have a fantastic assortment of pillow pack packaging. 


Material is an important aspect of packaging. It is also more important in the case of personalized pillow boxes. Because it must include a diversity of items. Hair extensions have their own pillow boxes, much like hair extensions have their own pillow boxes. It's kept safe in this box. Pillow boxes with a clear window, on the other hand, are used to exhibit merchandise. We also have pillow boxes with handles for gift packing. You’ll have no trouble transporting your stuff. As a result, Packaging Bee offers personalized pillow boxes in a variety of materials.   You can make your choice based on your requirements. A list of the items on the list is as follows: 

  • E-Flute Corrugated • Bux- Board • Cardstock Boxes • Eco-Kraft Boxes

Tile is the best way for large cheap pillow boxes. It can also accommodate extra-large pillow boxes. Eco-Kraft, on the other hand, is ideal for green pillow boxes because it promotes environmental awareness. In addition, for wholesale custom pillow boxes, you have the option of using Cardstock. 


We offer our customers a selection of styles for creating personalized pillow boxes in addition to the material. These designs are determined by how the custom boxes are cut and assembled. The following is a list of possibilities: 

Die-cutting boxes • gluing boxes • scoring boxes • perforation 

Additionally, there are options for the visual style of the boxes. You can personalize them to your preferences. The choices are as follows: 

  • Raised Ink • Embossing • Window-Cutting • PVC Boxing

The option you can choose your custom printed pillow boxes. The elegance of your bespoke pillow boxes will be enhanced by these design options. It will, in the end, increase its market and worth. 


The coating is critical to the pillow boxes' sparkling appearance. As a result, we also provide a wide range of coatings. As a result, you can select from them based on your printed pillow box requirements. The ink and substance used in our coatings are of the highest quality. The following coatings are available: 

  • Matte Finish • Gold and Silver Finishing • Gloss Finish • Spot UV

All of these coatings are essential for the aesthetics of bespoke pillow boxes. You are choose for free one of them. 


The value of company logos and product cannot overestimate. It serves as the organization's promotional tool. With their customized personalized pillow boxes, we offer a variety of printing options. Your brand can be printed on the embossed boxes. You can print anything that represents the idea or ideas behind your product. 

Affordable prices 

Packing Bee is very concerned about its customers. For this reason, compared with our competitors, we offer them the best deals. For customized pillow cases, several businesses charge outrageous costs. Our prices, unlike theirs, make sense.  Furthermore, we give cushion wrapping without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, our platform offers a variety of discounts to our valued consumers. 

System for Quick Delivery 

The most valuable commodity is time. As a result, we value our customers' time greatly. As a result, we have a faster delivery method. Custom printed pillow boxes takes 6 to 8 business days to arrive. Furthermore, our delivery team is remarkably agile and responsible. They don't leave any room for grumbling. Furthermore, our delivery service is entirely free. 

Effective Customer Service 

Our top concern is customer happiness. As a result, we put up our best effort to achieve it. The first step in that direction is effective communication. As a result, we have a competent customer service care team. They're available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our hotline is available to answer your questions at any time. 

Now is the time to visit our website! Place your purchase now to take advantage of our hassle-free personalized pillow box packages.